Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The end of the semester!

Wow has this semester been CRAZY!!! I have been so busy with school I haven't really had time to update this very much. In the last month since I last published something we have mostly been focused on school and trying to survive the end of the semster. We are now on Finals week and we are both stressing! I have two more finals to go and then I will be done and Kevin has 3 more. We have both been crazy busy on our computers today filling out study guides so since I finished my study guides and needed a break from stupid things I thought this would be a great idea haha. Kevin and I both got A's on our first finals he got a 95.3% and I got a 99% so we are feeling pretty good so far on finals. We are so excited for the holidays. Next week we are going to go see my family for an early Christmas before we head off to Montana for my first and Kevin's last Christmas up there. I am way excited about it. I feel like I need Christmas to be tomorrow I am so looking forward to it. That Glee song We need a little Christmas is stuck in my head beacuse I am so ready for this. Since August I have been doing crazy amounts of school and work so to have three weeks off sounds AMAZING and I am looking forward to it because my break start tomorrow after my last final which starts at 1pm. Tomorrow night is going to be way fun we are having an Ugly Sweater party at the clubhouse. Hopefully a post and pictures to come from that as well. Unfortunetly for the last week ish Kevin has been sick and luckily on Saturday night I came down with it as well which has not been fun but we are both getting better and hopefully will be able to enjoy our break sickness free (which is ideal). Obviously I am just typing the things that come to my mind today so this post is a little all over the place. Happy Holidays everyone! Love you all!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Rock-Climbing Anyone?

This week Kevin had a fun opportunity to go rock climbing with one of our best friends JAKE!!! and Jake's awesome little brother! They had a way good time! Kevin has been trying to go rock climbing for the past year but since I am usually hurt he hasnt had a partner to go with but luckily this all worked out and I am so happy that it did! Here are the pics of them! Go Kev! 

Jake and Sam 

Kevin Climbing up the wall!

Smile Kev!! Look at my baby go!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

All My Crafts For Halloween!

We made 5 cyclopse Bats!

My fun Halloween sign!

My Shoes for my Fairy

Side view of my shoes!

My blue Shoes and Kami's Red Shoes!
For the last week I have been enjoying doing halloween crafts and Kami and I decided to make our shoes instead of buy more shoes! This week has been so great! Hope you like them!

Saturday, October 15, 2011


This week I had the most amazing experience! I got to perform with my girls from West in their annual performance of Thriller! Since it was homecoming and we wanted to include the alumni and since I am alumni I was lucky enough to perform with them. It was so much fun! I stayed the night at my parents house and when I woke up I got ready and my mom and I had so much fun doing my hair and make up and then I went to drill and just enjoyed being "part of the team". My girls are so dang cute we had so much fun the assembly went so dang well I couldnt even believe it! The crowd went INSANE for us I have never heard the applause that loud ever! Then after that we got to perform it that night as well at the football game. It was the best experience I have had since I was on drill and since I have been coaching! I could not believe how much fun I had. I am hoping to get the video's up on facebook soon. I feel so blessed to be coaching these amazing girls and for the opportunity I had to go dance with such amazing dancers! Thanks ladies

Friday, October 7, 2011

The Fall Semester 2011

So we have now started our wonderful fall semester with me doing 15 credit hours and Kevin doing 14 credit hours so it is already off to a crazy start. I am taking Math, History, Anthropology, First Aid, and Human Sexuality, and Kevin is taking O Chem, Anatomy, Computer Science, and a Old Testament class (he may have one more class but I am not really sure) Haha! We are so far doing really well in our classes its just hard to stay focused since we didn't really get a break this summer. But as far as that goes we are just plugging along with classes and being together for like 3 hours a day. It just makes the time that we do get to spend together even better and we cherish it a lot more! I have been coaching drill still and I am so excited for next week because it is my girls annual performance of THRILLER and I get to perform with them and I could not be more excited about it! It is going to be so much fun not only do I love Halloween but I love dressing up and I love doing THRILLER it is one of my favorite past times. Yay so next thrusday if anyone is interested in coming and seeing it we have one performance at 9 am and one at 7 pm! Kevin also got put into a new job which is awesome he gets to work from 3-7 so there are no m ore grave yard shifts which is so great to me! We actually get to eat dinner like a family does it is so fun! So far even though this semester is going to be crazy hard it has been very rewarding and we are enjoying getting through school so we can move on to the next chapter in our lives!

The Rest of the Summer!

Wow I got carried away with school that I did not get to write in this as much as I had planned! Well we both finished school with A's and B's and survived amazingly enough! It was the craziest and hardest summer I have ever experienced in my whole entire life but it will be so worth it in the end! Not a whole lot happened between the Harry Potter Marathon and the end of the semester which is fine we were just busy with school but then came MY 21ST BIRTHDAY!!!! which yes was awesome! We went down to vegas with our good friends Tyler and Amy and had a freaking blast! We partied hard and went clubbing every night which was awesome for me except for the first night we went clubbing I wore high heels and had 8 blisters after that and no I did not wear high heels the rest of our trip because I was in pain for 2 weeks after it too!!! But we shopped and played and layed out by the pool and it was so nice to have a vacation from the world because we were so busy that yeah it was nice! We also got to go to a club for my 21st birthday where the DJ dedicated the whole night just to me which was way nice but also pretty funny because when we got there they hooked us up with free alchololic drinks and a hooka to smoke...well since we are all mormon we didnt want any of that haha! So the waitress was a little annoyed but it was totally worth it because it was so much fun! So the rest of our summer we basically partied and slept and partied and slept! We Loved Loved Loved the last two weeks of summer they were so nice!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Harry Potter Marathon Weekend

So this last weekend we went and borrowed my parents Harry Potter movies and stayed up until 5 in the morning on friday and 3 in the morning on saturday watching them to prepare for the new Harry Potter that comes out tonight! We are so excited we are going to the sort of midnight premire it starts at 3:15 am! All day I have been shouting Harry Potter! Haha! It is going to be so great! We may or may not have neglected school that weekend and chilled in our pajamas all day but it was so fun! Sometimes you just need to relax like that! Im way excited for tonight its going to be great!